April 24May 1, 2019
April 24May 1, 2019


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Tips For Planning and Personalizing Your IFFBoston Experience.

Attend a Panel

All panels take place at the Somerville Theatre.
All panels are free to the public on a space‑available basis.


Documentary Editing Panel

12:00 pm SATURDAY, 4/27

Presented by the Karen Schmeer Film Editing Fellowship


Boston Open Screen

3:00 pm SATURDAY, 4/27

Open Screen is Boston’s one and only open mic night for movies! Whether you sold your home to finance your 35mm masterpiece, or you made it last night in your basement—if your movie is under 10 minutes, we’ll screen it. Come see a “Best Of” presentation along with a shorter version of our regular screening. If you have a short that’s 10 minutes or less, we’ll screen it at IFFBoston!

With your hosts: Vatche Arabian, Adrian Atwood, Phil Healy, and Adam Van Voorhis.


Crowdsourcing Documentaries: WBCN AND THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION

1:00 pm SUNDAY, 4/28

How do you make a historical documentary without any obvious archival materials? Director Bill Lichtenstein and his team turned to the public to create the first “open source” documentary.

In this panel, Bill and his team will address the issues involved in going from idea to finished film: Finding, digitizing, restoring, and organizing vast quantities of 50-year old materials, as well as the legal issues that can arise when going open source.

See you at the festival!

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